Journal of Korean Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

International Journal of Human Movement Science

ISSN : 1976-4391 (print)

ISSN : 2586-078X (online)

Vol.2 No.2

Current Issue
Effects of Therapeutic Strengthening Exercises and Postural Modification in Individuals with Chronic Low Back Pain and Disability

Maria B. Kimball , Kyung-mo Han

2(2) 103-114, 2008

Measurement and Comparison of Taekwondo Body Height and Face height Roundhouse Kick

David O`sullivan , Chul Soo Chung , In Sik Shin , Eui Hwan Kim , Sung Chul Kang , Tae Whan Kim

2(2) 115-121, 2008

Functional Changes in Rat Achilles tendon Following Collagenase Injury and Manual Soft Tissue Mobilization

Young Tae Lim

2(2) 123-134, 2008

Biomechanical Gender Differences on Knee Joint Angle and Valgus Motion of Highschool Basketball Players in Rebound Landing Task

Bee Oh Lim

2(2) 135-146, 2008

The Attitudes of Teachers on Sport Socialization of Students with Disabilities:

Ji Tae Kim

2(2) 147-158, 2008

Socio-cultural Factors Affecting Leisure in Korea: A Conceptual Approach of Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Racial Identity

Tae Gyou Ko

2(2) 159-168, 2008

Development of Cultural Enterprise in the Marine City Busan by Hosting Mega Sports Events

Keun Mo Lee , Kuk Wong Seo , Yun Ae Jeon , Jeong Ok Yang

2(2) 169-185, 2008

Korean Sports Communication with Global Warming

In Seok Choi

2(2) 187-200, 2008